Nurse Led Clinics

The nurses provide general health screening and advice in their various clinics. 


All patients diagnosed with Asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) will be invited to see the nurse at least annually to assess and review treatment.


Dr Thomas is our Diabetic Lead. He works with nurse Sister Louise Williams to  look after patients with diabetes and coordinates their care.  If you have a diabetes, you will receive invites for regular reviews, ensuring you have received an up-to-date blood test first. 


Our nurses are able to discuss all methods of contraception with you, and advise you about the methods we offer.  They can also help you with pill-checks and give repeat contraceptive injections once you are established on your choice of contraceptive. 

Please book an appointment to see a GP if you are keen to start a new contraceptive. 


The nurses will be pleased to see you for your regular HRT-check once you are established on your medication.  Please initially see the GP to discuss menopause-management and to discuss treatment options if you are having difficult menopausal symptoms.

Smear Clinics

Women are invited to attend for screening by the Cervical Screening Wales Service.  On receipt of the invite letter please arrange your smear test at the surgery. 


Bloods tests are sometimes required to help monitor and diagnose health problems.  Phlebotomists (healthcare assistants trained in taking blood) visit the surgery on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. A GP/Nurse will provide you with a blood form if you need a blood test.

Please do not book a blood test without a form.

Lifestyle Advice

Prevention, as we know, is better than cure.

The NHS website Change4life has a wealth of information including healthy living tips, healthy recipes and snack-swap ideas.  Have a look! 

Our nurses are also experts in health promotion and healthy living. Please book an appointment with them if you have questions or need help with the following:

  • Smoking cessation - There is lots of free support available to you if you are considering quitting. A particularly excellent and free resource is Stop Smoking Wales.
  • Weight Management - Our nursing team are experts at giving healthy advice. They can also monitor your weight regularly should you need some support with dieting.